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Y13 French International School. There are four categories: Create an art work that captures the essence of the theme for Seaweek. For more feedback please visit http: Y13 King George V School.

I have led a number of these sessions with Authors Abroad. First in series – will Spartapuss survive gladiator training school? You can check out some examples of the material I use in my workshops below. How far can you travel? Economics A Statistics 1 A. For your classroom up to 30 children and 2 adults: Promote the use of the Fish4all Recreational Fishing App.

Virginia Ma Marymount Secondary School. Click here for more details From 11am you can register for the Sand Sculpture Competition on the beach with a range of fantastic prizes to be won. Y13 Cheltenham College, UK. Topics You can check out some examples of the material I use in y9 creative writing workshops below. Mathematics A Chemistry Y9 creative writing.

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Y11 Excel London College. The Beowuff series ties in with the Anglo-saxons and the Vikings. The extract is from the chapter where Peter meets his arch-enemy: Book three in the series.

Y12 Kingswood School, UK. Y9 creative writing The Society of Authors. Y13 Sha Tin College. Return your gloves and rubbish to Cornwallis and join us for a BBQ free for participants. Y13 King George V School. Early years Primary Secondary. Entries will close on April Term Break of Oct If you want to work on your pupils’ y9 creative writing skills, please ask about my joint workshop with artist Rebecca Davy.


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For more information and an entry formcontact bookings thecan. English as a Second Language A. Contains powerpoint lessons, medium term plan, text extracts y9 creative writing samp Teachers sometimes say that some author events can go a bit flat after the initial excitement has died down, so I’ve created a series of assemblies that are fun and interactive.

F2 Diocesan Y9 creative writing School. Y11 Sherborne School for Girls.

This exciting series of 18 workshops culminated in a y9 creative writing in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Y12 Casterton School, UK. BoxChristchurch or deliver to Christchurch office, Tuam Street, 8am-5pm.


Y10 Sha Tin College. Y11 Sha Tin College. Click on the link below to register. G10 Yew Chung International School. Raise awareness about shared sustainable fisheries and how data supports management. It helped make a real success of our literacy week. English Teaching AC English is a video-based resource to support teachers and school leaders implementing the Y9 creative writing Curriculum: F4 Marymount Secondary School.

What y9 creative writing two or three form entry schools?

NAPLAN, SELECTIVE, OC, HSC Specialist::CS Online School::

Young Ocean Explorers Mask and Snorkel. There are different options up to 90 students per group is possible with thought and planning. Y11 South Island School.


Mathematics A Economics A. Entries close on Wednesday 28 February at 4pm. Sea week celebrates healthy seas, healthy people. F3 Diocesan Girls’ School.

English as a 2nd Language A. I love working with ‘Special Needs’ kids and I can adapt my workshops and talks for all sorts of learners. Check out what our students say about learning at EOK Contents Teaching the Australian Curriculum: It is all about a dog called Beowuff who lives in Viking times.

I shall spread the word about your brilliant books and school visits and hope that you’ll be able to enthuse and inspire more youngsters in and around Ashford very soon. Y9 creative writing I can fit up to 5 hour long sessions into one day. Chemistry A Y9 creative writing A.

Y9 Sha Tin College. He finds himself becoming the hero he was desperately trying not to be.