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Many political science majors at UC San Diego will seek admission to a law school. Last-minute entries are always risky! Please review the program eligibility and thesis proposal guidelines carefully before proceeding. March 31 Summer session: Students completing the language requirement through waiver or better on SAT II language exam or if you attended high school outside the U. Modern to Postmodern —Present. Please be aware that teaching assistants, graduate instructors, and most adjunct professors are not eligible to supervise an honors thesis.

Students will need to meet frequently with the International Studies Program academic adviser from their first year onward to ensure proper course selection each quarter. Because of its strong disciplinary core, the major also prepares students who wish to pursue graduate degree programs in international affairs or in one of the participating disciplines. Political Science Department Commencement At least six of eight courses must be taken in any of the following categories:. Students may begin the sequence with either course.

Students wishing to count courses not on the above list toward the second methods requirement of the senior thesis must discuss the matter and obtain pre-approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies. The Honors Program in International Studies recognizes academic excellence in the major.

Russia and the Jewish Imagination from the Enlightenment to the Present. Thesis Proposal The proposal is a 1,word five pages or less document that should state the student’s thesis question, the contribution to the literature and the research method.

Instead ucsd poli sci honors thesis refuting critics or defending its policies, it overwhelms the population with positive news.

American Psychological Association ; and, for in-text references or footnotes in the Chicago style, see the current edition of Kate L. The Department of Political Science recognizes four styles that are acceptable for citations and references in ucsd poli sci honors thesis honors thesis: PSH is a prerequisite for the honors program, and will be offered each spring quarter.


The deadlines above are the deadlines of the honors program. Admission to the honors program is competitive. Social Organization and the Individual. Candidates for honors in any ucsd poli sci honors thesis the international studies degrees must meet the following requirements:.

Political Science

Outstanding undergraduate students may apply in the spring of their Junior Year to participate in the Departmental Honors Program. This concentration requires a minimum of eight units earned through study abroad, of which a minimum of four units would count toward the major demonstration of proficiency in a second language through the fourth quarter of university-level instruction Students who are bilingual and biliterate, or have been taught extensively in another language, could satisfy the requirement by providing appropriate documentation.

July 15 The deadlines above ucsd poli sci honors thesis the deadlines of the honors program. Communication and Cultural Production: IS international business majors may declare the Rady minor in accounting.

In the final year, the student is officially accepted into the MIA program and begins to pay professional fees. However, students with high GPAs automatically graduate with Distinction, High Distinction, or Highest Distinction in General Scholarship comparable to cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude. From the perspective of faculty, the ideal honors student has the ability to work independently and responds enthusiastically to constructive criticism of drafts.

Workshops ucsd poli sci honors thesis include ucsd poli sci honors thesis specialized field meetings and broader general meetings so that you can receive both field-specific and discipline-wide feedback on your projects at the right stage of their development. Generally, it is advised that students consider a research seminar after completing approximately 75 hours of course work.


Please review the program eligibility and thesis proposal guidelines carefully before proceeding. Admission Criteria To be admitted to the seminar, a student must have senior standing in the first quarter of the seminar, have a minimum GPA of 3. Wong of Political Science: The Formation of National Party Systems. The Worst of Times: American Political Ucsd poli sci honors thesis Montgomery. Senior Honors Seminar in International Studies.

All courses taken for a political science minor must be taken for a letter grade. The Department of Political Science offers graduate level courses for students in the Honors College who wish to enrich their experience within the Political Science major. At the same time, ethnic, religious, and economic conflicts continue to erupt within ucsd poli sci honors thesis among societies.

Three of the eleven courses taken for the Disciplinary Focus and Interdisciplinary Electives must focus on one country or region.

Departmental Honors

The two-quarter graded seminar satisfies two upper division Political Science courses toward the twelve ucsd poli sci honors thesis for a degree. A math boot camp and a sequence of methodological courses taught by leading scholars that provide you with the skills you need to conduct professional research.

Speak to students who are currently enrolled in honors. Please consult an undergraduate student affairs adviser for more information.

Senior Thesis Program

Modes of Recovery After Civil War. Students could be assigned to either section. Click here to view past senior thesis writers and their abstracts.