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Deadlines should be set with these restrictions in mind. Most departments will require students to submit work electronically via these systems and ask students to declare that submissions are the work of the student alone. Work is generally technically competent, but there may be a few gaps leading to some errors. A student who does not meet the Progression and Award Requirements at the second attempt must not be reassessed. Students who have passed a module are not permitted to resit or repeat that module. Planning, time-management and the meeting of deadlines are part of the personal and professional skills expected of all graduates.

Students failing 60 or more credits will be required to Repeat the module s , with tuition, in the following academic year. Reasonable Adjustments may be possible for students with dyslexia or other disabilities. If there are delays in providing feedback for individual courses, students will be notified of this before the four weeks have passed. Overarching Principles of Assessment. If the deadline has already passed, the late submission may be condoned i. The Programme Scheme of Award must clearly define the requirements for a student to progress through the programme and be eligible for a qualification and a classification. It is compulsory to attend all taught sessions lectures, seminars, practical sessions.

Penalties for overlength essays

If your work is submitted within two working days ucl overlength coursework the deadline, a penalty of 10 percentage marks, i. Staff must be supported in the design, delivery, marking and moderation of assessment, and in talking to students about assessment, through the provision of information, staff development, and the sharing of good practice.

Full details in the Academic Manual.

Alongside the traditional written essay or coursework and ucl overlength coursework examinations, you will find Multiple Choice Questionnaires MCQsonline tests, oral presentations, book reviews, group projects and many other styles. Boards of Examiners All assessment processes, including marking, second-marking and moderation, should be conducted anonymously unless the nature of the assessment makes this impossible.


Penalties for over-length coursework

Ucl overlength coursework Second Good Demonstrates a general competence across the constituent elements but may contain ucl overlength coursework wide range of errors which have a significant impact on communication. Students should receive feedback on formative assessments to help them understand how to improve their performance. Distinction Excellent A Comprehensive level of knowledge, ability to synthesise an exceptionally wide range of materials.

Students exceeding these parameters may receive a reduction in marks. Late Submission Penalties Extenuating Ucl overlength coursework Each External Examiner submits an annual report. However, obviously not all the criteria mentioned are applicable to every piece of coursework. Attendance Requirements for details. Planning, time-management and the meeting of deadlines are part of the personal and professional skills expected of all graduates.

Penalties for overlength essays

First Excellent Excellent presentation and full and appropriate documentation of sources. Overarching Principles of Assessment. In case of doubt about what is included, students should check with the module organiser. Ideas are poorly expressed and structured. You may withdraw your entry to an examination on academic grounds only with the approval of Departmental and Faculty Tutors.

Ucl overlength coursework for submission of coursework are ucl overlength coursework with the coursework instructions themselves. Further information is available at: Third Satisfactory Limited care and competence in documentation and presentation. Application of appropriate methodology and ucl overlength coursework willingness to apply an independent approach or interpretation; recognition of alternative interpretations; Use of precise terminology and avoidance ucl overlength coursework ambiguity; avoidance of excessive generalisations or gross oversimplifications.

Limited understanding of ucl overlength coursework material and its significance providing a superficial or evasive answer. Displays a high level of competence across the constituent elements but may contain a significant number of errors, whilst not seriously impairing communication. Promote consistency across UCL, and parity in student experiences of assessment.

Deadlines The dates for coursework assessment deadlines are determined by individual Course Tutors and are clearly set out in the course materials made available at the start of the course. Students writing assessment typically in Economics and Business topics which involve econometric analysis may include additional tables or graphs in an appendix with descriptive statistics, variable definitions, extra regression tables etc.


Fail FAIL Inadequate knowledge of vocabulary and mastery of translation difficulties including poor English style in translation and summary work.

First Excellent Exhibits excellence and sophistication across the constituent elements of language proficiency. The technology being used for all summative online assessment tasks must be tested before students undertake the assessment.

Where the maximum word count is exceeded by a small amount, likely to fall within the margin of error of conflicting word counts generated by different software, the BASc examination board will exercise academic judgement in determining whether the word limit has been exceeded.

Consequences of Failure Withdrawal from Examinations on Academic Grounds You may withdraw your entry to an examination on academic grounds only with the approval of Departmental and Faculty Tutors. Merit Very good 65 – 69 B 60 – 61 C A high level of analysis, critical use of ucl overlength coursework and insightful interpretation. Where appropriate, there is evidence of critical reflection, and of ability to tackle questions and issues not previously encountered.

Provides a satisfactory quantity of ucl overlength coursework information; shows familiarity with the basic literature. If the request is accepted, you may be granted an extension.

Ucl overlength coursework to approval by UCL Education Committee, or its nominee, a programme may set standards above these thresholds. First Excellent Sustained, coherent and well- ucl overlength coursework argument is presented. A breach of copyright or intellectual property laws may also lead to legal action.

Poor grasp of the relevance of source material to what is ucl overlength coursework argued, weak organisation and structure.