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The Imperial Tombs in the Postwar Period. Ik ben ook nog in Leuven volgend jaar, dus misschien ontmoeten we elkaar daar wel. Historical Reality or Metaphoric Expression? Also Co-director of the Japanese Text Initiative http: I am presently going to study Teika’s commentaries on Kokin wakashuu, reading the “Kenchuu mikkan” and the ” Hekian-shou”. Australian National University Topic:

Translations of three narratives by Enchi Fumiko in Manoa: Un type de discours sur la nature et la spontaneite par un maitre-confuceen de l’epoque Tokugawa: Revelatory Tales of Late Medieval Japan. Translated and introduced by Erika de Poorter. All very interesting topics and the quality of your information is amazing! The Authenticity of Sendai Kuji Hongi:

About the things that make me wonder. Not an expert in pmjs, but a learner. Voor thesis japanologie leuven cultuur-historische minor zijn er geen begintermen.

Discovery of Japanese literature The Practices of Painting in Japan, 0 Stanford, I wish that I thesis japanologie leuven say the latter would be ready in the second millenial year but I fear that would be too optimistic.

Hiroshige, Blumen und Vogel. At present I am writing my MA dissertation on “enclosures”, textual appearances of the fence “kaki” and its variants, as thesis japanologie leuven “kaimami”, in some works of the Heian period and in Kojiki.

He has been assistant professor of Japanese literature at the University of Illinois for two years. The first volume of this translation has now appeared.

My dissertation is on the uses of verse in the formation of the Meiji nation and ideology. I have also just had an article published in the Journal of Japanese Studies concerning warfare in fourteenth century Japan and am revising my dissertation on fourteenth century warfare, which I expect to submit for publication in the near future. Ethan Isaac Segal Thesis japanologie leuven am a Ph. I’m currently working on many projects, but not necessarily finishing all of them.


My primary area of specialization is premodern Japanese poetry, particularly that of the Man’yoshu, but my research interests are thesis japanologie leuven, including the role of humor in Japanese thesis japanologie leuven, the relationship between literary and performance genres, and works which combine text and image. University of Southern California.

My speciality is pre-modern Korean prose fiction, particularly thesis japanologie leuven fiction of the time dealing with love and romance. Earl Miner and Amiya Dev Calcutta: I will probably do the cultural minor which interesses me more than the economic minor even though the economics one seems like a more sure future. Faculty of Oriental Studies, Cambridge University.

De economische minor thesis japanologie leuven een paar van die algemeen culturele vakken niet zoals Europese literatuur, antropologie en Koreaansmaar dat wordt ruimschoots gecompenseerd met vakken zoals boekhouden, marketing en algemene economie, vakken die ook door economiestudenten gevolgd worden. The anthropology of yakuza, published by Iwanami Shoten], and zen buddhism.

Tsukada Takashi’s kinsei-shi graduate seminar. Cent’anni di traduzioniVenezia, Cafoscarina, My dissertation concerned the selective adaptation of Chinese philosophy and literary norms in the poetry of the Man’yoshu poets Yamanoue Okura and Otomo Tabito.

My focus is Buddhism in premodern Japan, and I plan to research the stories and practices surrounding “living” Buddhist statues such as the Seiryoji Thesis japanologie leuven.

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Tokyo, Mitsubishi Ichigokan Thesis japanologie leuven, My primary interest is in classical poetry, particularly the wakan dialectic, as well as the poetry-Buddhism dialectic. My research interests include text-image relationships and the construction of gender. My current project is a reception history of the Ise monogatari, with particular attention to the illustrative tradition–from the Heian period up to manga. Other areas of inquiry include premodern church-state relations, geomancy, thesis japanologie leuven the accounts of early Europeans in Japan.


At the moment I am engaged in writing a combined Classical Japanese grammar textbook and reader for Curzon Press and will be launching a website in May to put Waka on the Web as part of the Japan celebrations. Heian Literature I am studying the relation between “The Tale of Genji” to its notes in medieval kanbun writings and thesis japanologie leuven in the era of Saga and Uda.

Centre for Buddhist Studies

My research interests are in the history of Japanese urban and material culture thesis japanologie leuven the early modern and modern periods, in particular the long 19th century ca.

PhD dissertation Berkeley Choo I am a Ph. As a lapsed academic, I continue to work on a dissertation that I currently liken to Zeno’s arrow, increasingly finely calibrated and never reaching the mark. Page Traynor A published novelist working on a novel set in Heian Japan, I began research on the period over thirty years ago. My interests are in kabuki, especially bakumatsu and early Meiji.

I am currently engaged in completing my dissertation on Japanese legends of human sacrifice, while being an independent researcher thesis japanologie leuven residence in the Boston area. This study also included a translation of the poems in thesis japanologie leuven “Eifukumon’in hyakuban onjikaawase.