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Why are they so famous? Food was often infested with worms and other creatures. Isle of Wight; Using a local study, here are ideas. Explorer the Mary Rose. Who were the Tudors? A great number of artifacts were uncovered during excavation, including navigational and medical equipment, carpentry tools, guns, longbows, arrows with traces of copper-rich binding glue still remaining on the tips, cooking and eating utensils, lanterns, backgammon boards, playing dice, logs for the galley’s ovens and a total of ninety-one guns.

Arts and crafts flourished too. Sir Walter Raleigh died on 29 October John Hawkins Hawkins was a cousin of Drake. During his reign Henry spent a great deal of money building up a large fleet to defend the kingdom. During the sixteenth century, England emerged from the medieval world.

Elizabeth didn’t like her courtiers to fall in love with anyone except her. The Tudors were a Welsh-English family that ruled England and Wales from to – one of the most exciting periods of British history.

Christopher Columbus discovered Trinidad in the Caribbean Sea. He was also a poet and a fearless soldier.

John Cabot, the Italian-born English explorer, discovered Newfoundland. There were no planes, trains or cars. John Hawkins Hawkins was a cousin of Drake. During his life, Protestant England was often at war with Catholic Spain and there were rich rewards for capturing Spanish ships.


Tudor Kitchens Part 2

Why are they so famous? They were powered by the wind and each voyage could take several years. Sir Walter Raleigh He ended up in North America, the first European to reach there since the Vikings. Drake’s route around the world. See our Cookie Policy for information.

Primary Homework Help The Tudors. Primary homework help tudor explorers was an apprentice on a small trading ship which was left to him when the master died.

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Sir Francis Drake These pages focus on Sir Francis Drake, and in particular on his “Famous Voyage” – the circumnavigation of the world in the sixteenth century, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Fish caught at sea, was stored in barrels. He first started going to sea primary homework help tudor explorers living in Chatham in Kent, at the age of 12 or As a sailor, adventurer, navigator, politician, engineer and landowner, Drake was as famous in his own lifetime as David Beckham is today.


First performance of a play by William Shakespeare. He led many expeditions to America and introduced tobacco primary homework help tudor explorers the potato into England.

The Tudors ruled England from to Why did the Tudors risk their lives to find and explore other countries? John Cabot was born in Italy and was an explorer of Italian origin.

Tudor explorers homework help; buy quentin tarantino theme essay BioMed Central. Who were the Tudors?

James’s son becomes James V primary homework help tudor explorers Scotland at the age of 18 months. From his advantage point on top of Southsea castle, Henry had a commanding view of the impending battle.

The Pastry – where sweet and savoury pies and pasties were baked in ovens. Activities in the kitchens were divided into specialised departments: Primary Homework Help The Tudors. Henry came to Southsea Castle to watch his fleet leave Portsmouth and engage with the French force in the Solent.

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