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Commercialization of aquaculture has primarily been due to the breakthrough achieved in hatchery technology hatching of post larvae in artificial conditions. Commercially available prawn feeds also can be used. If Myanmar is to increase its competitiveness in the world shrimp market, it is also critical that the industry’s productivity per hectare be increased. It is also important to state that prawn farming do pretty well in water logged areas except you want to invest in building artificial ponds. My guide contains a wealth of information about starting a Shrimp Farm and raising Shrimp for profit.

Learn about feeding your shrimp Learn how to eliminate predators and pathogens Learn about pathogens and diseases Learn to maintain optimal water quality Learning to market your shrimp. Conduct research to develop new and useful hatchery and pond management techniques and improve existing rearing techniques for higher production or lower operating cost. The Company’s drafts Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association or other instruments defining the constitution of the company. Hi, I am planning also to convert my ibc tanks currently used in aquaponics to be used in shrimp farming. Price is another factor which will continue to influence the consumption patterns in European markets. In essence we are not going to rely only on the sale of our prawns and other seafood to generate income for the business.

Hyperlinks to non-FAO Internet sites do not imply any official endorsement of or responsibility for the opinions, ideas, data or products presented at these locations, or guarantee the validity of the information provided. To be able to acquire the desired manufacturing, feeding, aeration, water exchange, periodic monitoring ought to be continued. In view of that, we decided to set up a standard seafood processing and packaging plan and also to cultivate our feeds for our prawns.

E Enterprise Yangon 7. Aquaculture technology has been classified into four broad categories, i. Your email address will not prawn farming business plan published. At the initial stage we can go for selling prawns without processing.

The fisheries resources maximum sustainable yields MSY of Myanmar is estimated at 1. This means that the start-up can either be low or high depending on your goals, vision and aspirations for your business. The technique of duplicating the natural shrimp ecosystems was perfected in Japan and commercialised by Taiwan, Philippines, and Indonesia, who were among the first nations prawn farming business plan went in for commercial aquaculture ventures.


Support to Special Plan for Prawn and Shrimp Farming, Myanmar

Nothing I hate more than to listen to somebody talking about wanted to be in any sort of business and not be willing prawn farming business plan take any action to be there. Sudhakar Kannan December 27, at 9: In the existing condition the farm developed for shrimp farming can often be utilised for a minimum of two crops in a year.

The Japanese market always sets price trends for black tiger and white shrimp in the international market. Delineation of water supply and drainage and other infrastructure development prawn farming business plan be made mandatory on the part of land allotted to conform project plans to the Master Plan.

Extreme care must be taken to minimize mortality when using this technique since mortality can often cancel gains from expected added growth. This will enable you properly locate the business in a good location and then hit the ground running.

Well, I’ll tell you. During the hour count of nauplii, it was observed that some of the previously hatched nauplii had died, and in unequal quantities.

Growing and harvesting black tiger prawns

Feeding Ponds are stocked with post-larvae at rates varying from per prawn farming business plan metre. Note that your prepare pond should not have the depth more than four feet and is also should have well designed such as square construction or circle construction.

These events helped to bring about an equilibrium to this important fishery sector. Are there training we can attend. Details of local capital to be contributed Kyat prawn farming business plan Amount of cash The larval rearing tanks, green water tanks, and water storage tanks should be routinely disinfected with chlorine at a concentration of about 1 ppm.

Particulars relating to the organisation in which prawn farming business plan is to be made a Amount of capital Kyat 1 Amount of local capital to be contributed As prawn grows, increase feed quantity and aeration in the pond.


You set your own hours and are in complete control of your life. If you’re serious about Raising Shrimp for profit, there are several questions you need to consider:.


Shrimp is a tasty and healthy food which is considered a high-quality commodity. The brine shrimp are grown in brackishwater prawn farming business plan about 17 ppt. The latter are considered as inferior forest with an uneven and heterogeneous crop of poorly formed trees which are usually abandoned or exercised from the forest reserve. These sediments contain prawn farming business plan matter dead plankton, faeces, uneaten food and old moults and mineral matter soil particles eroded from pond walls by aeration.

We are in business to retail our prawns to the following groups of people and businesses.

Shrimp Farming Guide

Most shrimp ponds need aeration in order for the water to be oxygenated prawn farming business plan to stay in top shape. In view of this, a test bore was drilled to a depth of 53 meters at the Bangpakong hatchery site.

Or are you just going to sit there and kick some more tires? Most of the brackishwater land identified as suitable for aquaculture is under the for Government ownership of the Governments. There are some important issues to address in the investment of shrimp fanning by foreign investors in Myanmar, as identified during farm visits and interviews with future prawn farming business plan present investors.

There are nearly seventy 70 ice making factories in Yangon and over two hundred factories around the country Table 4 4. Conversely, shrimp consumption in the US market is expected to increase in view of its popularity as the number one seafood item both in preference and market value.