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It can be used as a selling tool to seek for finance. All businesses contain their own risks. After you have finished your plan and numbered your pages, go back to the table of contents and fill in the page numbers. Investors will read it first to get a picture of your project and to assess whether you are professional or not. In this section you will clearly state the amount of funding for the investment you will need, and how do want these funds to come in as, e. Thank you You are on the list.

The following factors can help you find your position in the market: In such case, the introductory elements, especially the executive summary, decide whether your readers will read the rest of your plan or not. What economic trends will affect this industry? Furthermore, this association is stronger 1 for Big N auditors, 2 for multinational audit clients, and 3 in countries with stronger legal regimes. D Balance Sheet The balance sheet is created only once a year to determine the net worth of a business. Millions of Chinese skiing, but cost, poor service drives them to Japan.

The members of this board will provide your organization advice to run the business effectively.

Before launching your product into the market, your product has to be developed and produced. Using this technique can help you understand your competitors better on how they operate their businesses.

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That continued in Hong Kong. Some companies may need extra departments such as research and development as well as human resources. It is divided into three main categories: The Internal Management Team section will polyu business plan competition the key positions required to manage the core business within the organization, identify who are polyu business plan competition for these positions, and explain their special skills.


You can collect more information about industries and trade statistics from your government statistics department, local chamber of commerce or economic development center, etc.

Therefore you should carefully plan every part of the operation on a step-to-step basis.

The executive summary is an introduction to your project. This section is to provide facts to persuade readers that your business has enough customers in an polyu business plan competition. Then, the table of contents should include page numbers. Millions of Chinese skiing, but cost, poor service drives them to Japan.

For projecting a sales forecast, you may have to find out answers like: The result is how much polyu business plan competition or loss your business will make at the end of the accounting period.

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It can show weaknesses in the planning process. This section will describe the start-up plan for your product’s development. New invented technology can force another company to fall down in a night’s time.

Generate the forecast into three different figures: Good points for discussion are:. However, by following these important steps provided from all of the chapters above, you polyu business plan competition ensure your business has a fine chance at seeking funds from investors and polyu business plan competition in the future. More than secondary school and university teams globally entered the contest, and 30 teams from each division reached the semifinals.

The business description is your company vision: This section is a summary of the industry for your business. What gender are they? DMgt Doctor of Management programme students polyu business plan competition alumni attended a dinner gathering in Beijing on 7 March The sales forecast is based on the estimation of the size of your market and your market share.


Who are your indirect competitors e.

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B Distribution Plan In this section you will describe how you get the products to the end users. When calculating the price, spot out fixed costs and variable costs. In detail, also project a timeline you will need to set up factories and offices.

However, multinational enterprises MNEs are also typically large clients to the external auditors, raising doubts on whether the auditors can withstand the pressure from these important clients and exert their monitoring role objectively. The Profit and Loss Statement is the very first statement you have to create out of the polyu business plan competition financial statements in the Financial Plan section.

You polyu business plan competition use numbers as well as trend information to show its potential growth.

Its five-year strategic objectives include enhancing graduate programmes and research. How much do they earn? What will they do during their spare time?

Explain why you can obtain a share from their business. You are signed up.

E Funding Request and Return This comes to the last part of the business plan. C Advertising and Promotion This section polyu business plan competition how you’re going to deliver the message of your “Unique Selling Point” to your target customers.