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Let the free-market sorts itself out. Examination syllabus set under s15 of the Architects Act is contained in the Professional Practice Examination General Requirements and Instructions for Candidates also contains internship requirements. Yes, only an architect can prepare a plan, drawing, tracing, design, specification or other document intended to govern the construction, enlargement or alteration of any building. Having dealt with both real estate agents and an architect in the last 18 months, I must confess that I found the real estate agents easier to deal with. There are often alternative pathways available to demonstrate your competence. As you recognise in your response, Fred studied architecture for many years and did so with distinction. Maximus February 16,

There are a number of different ways you can start, from working through the requirements step-by-step, to focusing on themes and topics, or reading previous applications. Three copies of your hard copy case study should be prepared, one for each Assessor and one for yourself. Within the framework s , how are the required architectural skills and competencies expressed for a university study, b graduate development, and c professional examination? Dates for the programme have been announced and graduate members can login and view these here. You will also be advised of your right to request a review of the assessment process that was applied to you. What is the minimum period of industry experience required prior to seeking registration? The Board does not record professional conversations and does not allow applicants to do the same.

All pages consecutively numbered. If real estate agents are using the term architect because they are misinformed, uneducated or are being deceitful then that is unprofessional. Indefinite registration, practicing certificate issued each calendar year. Nzrab case study requirements of professional indemnity insurance some states ; undertaking CPD activities some nzrab case study requirements ; registration may be cancelled for major disciplinary infringements.

National CPD framework specifies 20 hours of development activities per annum, 10 hours of which must be formal learning. A study group is really more like a support group. Courses are accredited for up to 5 years by an expert panel accreditation procedure licenced from the AACA.


Copy of qualification sif applicable.

It would be great if they joined in the discussion as well! What body accredits university courses leading to architectural registration? As you recognise in your response, Fred studied architecture for many years and did so with distinction. Not getting independent estimating advice is a nzrab case study requirements failing.

Evidently most of us New Zealanders will never have enough money than to buy the cheapest house we can get within our price bracket.

AACAjointly with the Institute of Architects, provides the national procedure for accreditation by Architects’ Registration Boards of programmes offered in their jurisdiction. Can anyone start calling themselves a real estate agent? Your case study must be in English.

Your case study should not include standard nzrab case study requirements such as the Standard Conditions of Contract or standard technical literature, but should include documents specific to the project s.


If your projects do not adequately address any of the required standards, the Assessment Panel may pose questions of a more theoretical or hypothetical nature. Nzrab case study requirements professional so called engineers IPENZ members better practice engineers than us all rounders well scientists? And yet they are not permitted to call themselves Architects.

Keeping notes on your project as you go can help keep things fresh. Surely the best results are those where this has happened? You must include a case study checklist as the first document following the contents page of your case study documentation.

No single skills framework. Note the application closing dates. Consequently most people will never really get to live in anything that may have had a little more thought and nzrab case study requirements implanted into it.

Becoming a Registered Architect – NZIA

Extra time may be granted for the professional conversation. A review of the decision itself, ie whether or not you met the standard, is not permitted.

Find out what you don’t know, and focus on getting that experience. Between hours of Health, Safety, Welfare focussed study each calendar year is required in most jurisdictions. It is a matter of principle. Fit and proper person nzrab case study requirements applied on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis.


Maximus February 16, Must undertake CPD activities; registration may be cancelled for major disciplinary infringements. Currently case studies can be presented either in hard copy or electronically as a PDF, although from the beginning of only PDF case studies will be accepted.

Individual jurisdictions may nzrab case study requirements CPD records; registration may be cancelled for major disciplinary infringements.

Dates for the programme have been announced and graduate members can login and view these here. Each copy of your case study must be provided in and not exceed an Eastlight or Colorado hard card foolscap filing box. The applicant demonstrates their ability to meet the minimum standards required for registration by taking the assessors through their ‘case study book’ and their experiences.

NZ Registration Intake Dates.


Should the NRARB have concerns about an architect, they may require them to present for a face-to-face competence review assessment. The fee may be paid in the following ways:. What body nzrab case study requirements national standards for architectural registration? On-line seminars on important topics are also provided to members login to the members area of this website to view these. Lying and cheating never impressed me much.

Umm, I can call myself a physicist, computer scientist, mathematician, an engineer, blah, blah, blah… The good thing is, there is no organisaztion or lobby group telling me what I can call myself as a title. However, must complete a mix of Executive, Participant and Observer level experience covering 7 areas from the National Standard of Competency for Architects: The NZIA is not, however, the registration board.

Nzrab case study requirements program is currently under review.