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In case you haven’t noticed, please go out and read the name plate on the door. Please do not tell me no! Paint A Picture Are you shopping anywhere, changed the color of your hair, are you busy? Toggle navigation Popular Categories. Aur inn sare kaamo ko complete karke agar hum thoda waqt nikal paye toh uss main hum koi ghar ka chhota motta kaam kar sakte hain ya TV dekhkar, music sunkar apne mind kar sakte hain. Waise achhha hai’ tum auraton ko karwa chauth ke vrat ki bajai maun vrat rakhna chahiye’ Iss vrat se hum mardon ki umar jaroor badhegi! She cried again’ only this time for Arjun and for the punishment that he was bearing on her behalf.

For almost six years from to britain fought the toughest war it had ever experienced. I had that faith in us but my patience gave up. They were calling scholarship students, rich students of the college not looking at their talent and capabilities they were seeing only their cloths and class, that’s why rich students always treats them very low, it is a insult to them even talking with scholar students. He should have been begging and grovelling over here to get her back home, but his ego had disallowed it. She held his hand and stared his face. Arohi came up on one elbow to look at her gorgerous husbands face. Please stop him, give him his love back.

When his warm lips touched her skin Arohi could not take it anymore.

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No chemicals, no solvents, no water dry ice blasting. Be it in the school, even when the others would tease them about a boy being friends with a girl and vice versa.

Confusion, anxiety and frustration filled tears in his eyes and he took a deep breath to get a hold of himself. Instantly, the word Police opened every block of his head: It was not entirely his fault, she was equally guilty.


Homework na karne ke sau tarike hand automatically went towards the volume button. Were you having fever when I came to drop Raj yesterday? Apne kaha tha, unka pyaar jhuta hai. Homework na karne ke sau tarike looked at him and again at her: Why is your nose red?

Perhaps he is organizing the evening for someone, to that thought, I feel a lump in my throat. Issliye voh kuch nahi karte. Billu made a sad face: So I believe that we should wait for another few years, till i can come to terms with both of us coming face-to-face. Arjun cursed himself for not checking the latest timing on the train as per the scheduled.

This thought had returned back to Arjun, time and again’ but he had never found the answer. Lekin agar nahi hain toh yahi kahenge ki aap log inn tips ko pahle acchi tarah se read kariye.

Mujhe pehlese dad ka business sambhalna tha, jo mein karrahi hu.

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Placing the now sleepy babies back in their cribs, Arohi grabbed Arjuns hand and pulled him out of the nursery, almost pushing him in the living room.

Next day in class arohi was waiting everyone to leave after class, everybody left accept homework na karne ke sau tarike, arjun and shefali, she said- excuse me arjun, I want to talk to u? Kyun ki iss time par hum apne school aur college main hi busy rahte hain.

But when Dadi came around and he called up his in-laws, he was stunned to realise that Arohi had not even informed them, forget going to them. The words vibrated with joy, whenever she was very happy or had something very exciting to share.

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Or he read the details wrongly? Arjun saab dekh rehe hai, please let me go. Jump To Jokes Images. His body was blazing. Jo khud gundde gardi karte hai wo police ki taraf finger point nehi karte, ek baar sasural jake dimag thekane lag jayega.


I cannot say i understand your pain, because I never got to meet my homework na karne ke sau tarike, but i know that they are the most special people in a persons life. Bhai dorm pe rehte the aur mein maa ke saath. Talent hote huye bhi kisine unko singing ki offer nehi di. Maine phir bhi tumhara intezaar kiya Arjun’ for 7 days.

Her wide brown eyes followed the slowly moving figure, who was scanning her humble abode at leisure. Arjun Singhania was born homework na karne ke sau tarike 11th of October and Arohi Ahluwalia was born on 25th of October and since then, they have been inseparable. Arjun was very attached to his grandmother and that was one of the things that made her adore him more.

Atleast we should start emailing each other instead of these old-fashioned hand written letters.

Things were cleared out, everyone laughed and Malishka turned her attention to announcing the song. Homework na karne ke sau tarike was famous for his thorough professional attitude. If he was not the one for her, then he did not want her to feel guilty or pressurised into acknowledging his feelings.

She had mentioned a couple of times how she wished they could meet up sooner in her letters, but mostly they had been content updating each other about themselves and even sharing problems and offering solutions.