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In the next two years, Jinnah worked to build support among Muslims for the League. In June , he and Fatima flew to Quetta , in the mountains of Balochistan, where the weather was cooler than in Karachi. Innumerable streets, roads and localities in the world are named after Jinnah. In these early years of his political career, Jinnah advocated Hindu — Muslim unity, helping to shape the Lucknow Pact between the Congress and the All-India Muslim League, in which Jinnah had also become prominent. Mohammad Ali Jinnah did all three.

These became known as his Fourteen Points. However, by December , he insisted on a fully sovereign Pakistan with dominion status. Governor-General of Pakistan — They contend that Jinnah only used the Pakistan demand in an attempt to mobilise support to obtain significant political rights for Muslims. It did win a majority of the Muslim seats in Delhi , but could not form a government anywhere, though it was part of the ruling coalition in Bengal. Media misleads the masses essay Dawn Barnes. His biographers disagree over why he remained so long in Britain—Wolpert asserts that had Jinnah been made a Law Lord , he would have stayed for life, and that Jinnah alternatively sought a parliamentary seat.

The Viceroy promised a representative body after the war to determine India’s future, and that no future settlement would be imposed over the objections of a large part of the population.

Among the restive regions of the new nation was the North-West Frontier Province. He was a compromise candidate when two older, better-known Muslims who were seeking the post deadlocked. Karachi was then enjoying an economic boom: Tests confirmed tuberculosis, and also showed evidence of advanced lung cancer. Throughout his legal career, Jinnah practised probate law with many clients from India’s nobilityand in introduced the Wakf Validation Act to place Muslim religious trusts on a sound legal footing under British Indian law.

Video is violating privacy. The influence of Iqbal on him essay on quaid e azam mohammad ali jinnah in urdu discernible. Rafique 1 April Pakistan: Retrieved 20 April Jinnah’s portraits on the stamps of Turkmenistan and Iran.


However, by Decemberhe insisted on a fully sovereign Pakistan with dominion status. List of things named after Muhammad Ali Jinnah. A LifeRajmohan Gandhi asserts that Essay on quaid e azam mohammad ali jinnah in urdu hoped for a plebiscite in Junagadh, knowing Pakistan would lose, in the hope the principle would be established for Kashmir.

The plane landed at Karachi that afternoon, to be met by Jinnah’s limousine, and an ambulance into which Jinnah’s stretcher was placed. He joined the following year, although he remained a member of the Congress as well and stressed that League membership took second priority to the “greater national cause” of an independent India. There is only one way out.

The British indicated that formation of a constitution-making body would follow the votes. All other invited groups submitted lists of candidates to the Viceroy.

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Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan. Similar rights were to be granted to the Muslim-majority areas in the east, and unspecified protections given to Muslim minorities in other provinces. He could not secure adoption of the Fourteen Points, as the League meeting in Delhi at which he hoped to gain a vote instead dissolved into chaotic argument. Upon his return to British Indiahe enrolled at the Bombay High Courtand took an interest in national politics, which eventually replaced his legal practice.

In Januarythe Indian government finally agreed to pay Pakistan its share of British India’s assets. Negotiations for a settlement are not to come from our side Centre for South Asian Studies: Jinnah, however, was reluctant to go, not wishing his aides to see him as an invalid on a stretcher. Iqbal wrote several letters to Jinnah in persuading him to take the essay on quaid e azam mohammad ali jinnah in urdu in creating Pakistan Along with political leaders Annie Besant and Tilak, Jinnah demanded ” home rule ” for India—the status of a self-governing dominion in the Empire similar to Canada, New Zealand and Australia, although, with the war, Britain’s politicians were not interested in considering Indian constitutional reform.


The film was dedicated to Nehru and Mountbatten and was given considerable support by Nehru’s essay on quaid e azam mohammad ali jinnah in urdu, the Indian prime minister, Indira Gandhi.

He worked in a frenzy to consolidate Pakistan. Muhammad Ali Jinnah Pakword. History of Pakistan timeline: Retrieved 26 May Archived from the original on 27 January This request angered Mountbatten, who had hoped to have that position in both dominions—he would be India’s first post-independence governor-general—but Jinnah felt that Mountbatten would be likely to favour the new Hindu-majority state because of his closeness to Nehru.

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This was satisfactory to neither the Congress nor the League, though Jinnah was pleased that the British had moved towards recognising Jinnah as the representative of the Muslim community’s interests.

Birkenhead in challenged Indians to come up with their own proposal for constitutional change for India; in response, the Congress convened a committee under the leadership of Motilal Nehru.

At the age of 20, Jinnah began his practice in Bombay, the only Muslim barrister in the city. The League reluctantly accepted the scheme, though expressing reservations about the weak parliament.

In Junefollowing the release of the Congress leaders, Wavell called for a conferenceand invited the leading figures from the various communities to meet with him at Simla.