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The employer of an establishment shall furnish an annual return, in such a form and in such manner including electronic form , to such authority as may be prescribed. I am going to change my home loan my existing bank to new bank. Although following entity or person are not required to obtain IEC: One who is exporting or importing goods for personal use and not for business manufacture or agriculture. But when the documents have been submitted to the previous committee, they declined to do that for some reason, that why did the owner did not communicate to the society and has not paid visit to the society in so many years. The employer shall make effective arrangements to provide and maintain at suitable points conveniently situated for all persons employed in the establishment, a sufficient supply of wholesome drinking water. Vishal Ramchandra Ghanwat says:

Dear Sir, thanks for the feedback.. All registeration, stamp duty formalities have been completed. SC gives relief to Insolvency Professional against remarks made by Tribunal. According to the society doing stamp duty registration without getting noc from society was wrong procedure so they are postponing to give noc. As per society they charge Rs.

I want to open current account for my company i dont have single. We have inherited this flat through will and NOC from my other siblings have been obtained. Repeal of Maharashtra Shops and Establishments Act. As per society they charge Rs. My mother in law who is 87 years old wants to sell application letter format for gumasta license flat in Bandra west has informed her Society on November 21, her desire to sell and requested a NOC from her CHS.

Provided further that aforesaid transfer in case of lease hold land shall be governed by the provisions of the perpetual lease of land.

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But the Society is responsible to scrutinize all the documents and papers before allowing transfer of membership in the name of any other person. October 9, at 8: I have recently bought a flat at Vasai East.

December 29, at 5: Can the residents sign an agreement within them which restricts them from selling the flat to an outsider? The co-operative society cannot ordinarily refuse the occupancy rights to any member.

Dear Sir, A flat owner in our society, has never turned up in last 25 years and the flat was occupied by another person till date with Non-occupancy charges being levied.


The owner was ready to renew the application letter format for gumasta license and license agreement however they pressurized the family and asked them to vacate the house. I have a flat in parel my mother is nominee and wanted to transfer in daughter application letter format for gumasta license law name I being son and legal heir raised objection can society still transfer the flat in her name.

Provided that, at the time of inspection by a Facilitator, a hard copy of such records if demanded, shall be submitted duly signed by the employer or his representative.

ANFP will remain to disable always. I complete my all formalities. The secretary and the chairman have forcefully evicted the family from one house. Penalty for contravention of provisions of this Act. Thanks — Peter Pereira.

They are asking that before buying of flat there was Rs on your flat. No suit, prosecution or legal proceedings shall lie against any person for anything which is in good faith done or intended to be done under this Act.

February 25, at 1: Required one NOC to transfer my existing loan to other bank, hence have given application to our society chairman for NOC letter.

If a worker is paid a piece rated wage, he shall nonetheless be paid his wage for the day of his weekly holiday, at a rate equivalent to the daily average of his wages for the days on which he has actually worked during the six days preceding such holiday, exclusive of any earning in respect of overtime:. SC gives relief to Insolvency Professional against remarks made by Tribunal.

Closing of establishment to be communicated to Facilitator. Provided that, nothing application letter format for gumasta license herein above shall apply to the establishments already having valid registration or renewal under application letter format for gumasta license Maharashtra Shops and Establishments Act until expiry of their registration or renewal.

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Now in our hotel nobody having any employee. Following documents are required for IEC application:. Das writes that Society demand for maintenance charge is kept hanging as RCS has not fixed up an Arbitrator since Agiain they are asking for Rs.

Since the property needs to be mortgaged to the bank by the buyer ,buyer needs a NOC to mortgage the property. Where a worker in any establishment is required to work beyond nine hours a day or forty-eight hours a week, he shall be entitled, in respect of the overtime work, wages at the rate of twice his ordinary rate of wages. I am getting a little confused as I was trying to open up a current account for my partnership firm but not a single bank knows on how to proceed further if I dont have a application letter format for gumasta license act.


She being a Senior Citizen of 87years this has been a trauma and mental anxiety for her. Society committee has resigned and now taken over by registrar. I applied for memebership in feb I was ex chairman of housing society,after new committee formed and I resigned and handed all society paper work to new chairman,but now new chairman is not issuing NOC to sell my room for past 20 days saying that paper which u have given does not match with cash spent, chairman saying voucher made application letter format for gumasta license not correct by Secretary hence they are holding back my NoC as Secretary and Treasurer account of previous committee mis match.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. February 16, at Such card shall contain the following and such other particulars as may be prescribed, namely: Co-operative Society cannot refuse to give NOC: Hi, I am having a flat in co-orporate housing society. Is the current committee liable to hold the transfer for application letter format for gumasta license challenges.

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Prev Article Next Article. Co-operative Society cannot refuse to give NOC. The employer shall provide sufficient latrine and urinal for men and women as may be prescribed and these shall be so conveniently situated as may application letter format for gumasta license accessible for the workers employed in the establishment:.

I have my Andhra card pan and marriage certificate than also society not givin me noc even I m no mine in said flat.

LXI ofis hereby published under the authority of the Governor.